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Monday, October 15, 2012

Just a quick peek (search) so you can see the game.

At the University of Missouri, you will have any bag or purse searched and your camera inspected to see if the lens is too big ("bigger than the camera," according to one searcher) before being admitted to a sporting event. You will be refused admission if you have even a candy bar.


So, if you want to see this:
After a quick search of your possessions, you can watch the annual Black & Gold game at Mizzou.

You must:

Submit to a search
It is WRONG to search purses & bags at Mizzou sports events. Write or email MU if you think it is wrong for fans and patrons to submit to a search before being allowed into sports events.

Not let your child bring even a bag of chips
Taking candy from a baby - It's just wrong

I encourage everyone to let the University administration know what you think about this.

Athletic director:
Asst, Director: