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Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Just" don't do it justice.
Beef; it's what's for dinner!They'll get liberal salt and pepper, along with a screaming hot skillet and a little olive oil.

Ever wonder what those USDA grades of beef mean? There's a great post here:

I buy almost all of my meat at Sam's Club or Moser's market (Columbia). Their meet is NOT PUMPED full of crap!

Now that buying a steak has become a matter of consulting with your bank's loan department, I have become a little more attuned to what goes in the cart at the store. About 90% of the overpriced schlok you find in the local store is "select" grade beef (or lower) - closer to dog food than "prime." The steaks pictured below are "choice" ribeyes (on sale for $5.99 a lb.).

Since I smoke meat and use rubs with salt, I am careful to buy only all-natural (unadulterated) beef and pork. Almost all pork and chicken in stores is pumped full of a liquid containing salt and other tenderizers to make up for the poor quality of the meat. These offerings have labels like "Moist n' tender" or "Always tender (Hormel" - be careful! The salt content is elevated to increase shelf-life, and when you add salt to cook it can be overwhelmingly salty at the table. ALWAYS ask the butcher (if they actually have one).

These lovely "choice" ribeyes  from Moser's were shot with the Fujifilm X-E2 and the "Kit" Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS zoom  lens. The pepper is sharp as a tack at 200% view and the bokeh is great.

strobist: Fuji X-E2  (1/180, ISO 400), Fujinon XF18-55 (f/8, 24 or 40mm), sunpak 611 in softbox overhead (1/64 power), pocket wizards

Piece o' meat 2

Piece o' meat 1

Piece o' meat 4